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Dressing: A Thanksgiving Staple

By Jed Root (CFO of MILAMORE) Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be intimidating for a number of reasons.  First, the whole holiday basically revolves around the…

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Hanabi: The meaning behind the celebration

MILAMORE’s newest collection is based on the Japanese fireworks tradition of Hanabi. In Japanese, “Hana” means “flower” and  “bi”  means “fire”, so “Hanabi” roughly translates to  “fire…

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The Rainbow of Sapphires

When most people hear the word “sapphire”, they immediately think of a stunning gem known for its distinctive cobalt-blue shade. But this is only one…

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Handcrafted in Japan

“Designed in New York, Handcrafted in Japan” isn’t just a catchy phrase for MILAMORE jewelry. It is a pledge to keep the art of handcrafting…

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