Scorpio: The Passionate Water Sign

Starting October 23rd and going until November 22nd we find ourselves in Scorpio season! If your birthday falls during this time you are in the company of many creative and artistic people, such as Grace Kelly, Tom Ellis, Matt Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Ryan Renolds, and many more!



Those who are scorpios tend to feel deeply and intensely while having very little patience for nonsense. Although Scorpios fierce independence often leads them to be taken as a fire sign they are in fact a sensitive and deeply emotional water sign. Like other water signs their feelings are main drivers for how they act, but since they are also fixed in their mutability they tend to build up a shell around themselves, very much like their namesakes. However if you can work your way around that prickly shell there is no more loyal friend and companion. When it comes to love Scorpios tend to be the most compatible with their fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer since emotions tend to be a driving force in the actions taken by water signs. Virgos and Capricorn also can be very compatible with Scorpios since they are Earth signs and tend to be very grounded. Gemini and Aquarius on the other hand tend to be at odds with Scorpio. Gemini and Scorpio are both unchangeable and stubborn in their ideas and opinions which tends to lead to clashing and moody silences.The quality of forgetfulness that is very common to Aquarius tends to anger and frustrate Scorpios, while Scorpio’s jealousy drains Aquarius.


  • Scorpio’s are fiercely loyal to those they care about
  • They are ALWAYS honest (even when maybe they shouldn’t be)
  • Scorpio’s have a great sense of ambition and strive to do their absolute best
  • They have a greatly vivid imagination and a rich inner world


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