Taurus : The Determined Earth Sign

The first of the earth signs on the zodiac calendar, Taurus, is represented by a bull. Taurusian’s are usually very grounded but also very stubborn. Taurus tend to be stable, reliable, and steady in all their endeavors, however, once they start going they don’t stop! Loyal almost to a fault, Taurus’s will stand by their friends and family through thick and thin.


Some Famous Taureans are Robert Pattinson, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Cher, Jerry Seinfeld, & more!

While the original zodiac stone for Taurus was sapphire, the main gemstone associated with Taurus is Emerald! The deep green stone of rebirth and renewal.


Our Zodiac Constellation Earrings are available in two versions, one featuring a diamond accent, or the other version featuring no diamond accent. Each earring has a 360° design inspired by your Zodiac symbol.

This charm is inspired by the earth sign of Taurus. This Taurus charm uses elegant lines to depict the hardworking and determined bull. A diamond dangles from the bull signifying the beauty of their intelligence. This charm features both matte and polished 18-karat yellow gold. This charm is listed as an individual piece or comes as a necklace on our signature 18kt yellow or white gold Azuki Chain. You can wear the charm towards the front of the Azuki chain, or wear it the MILAMORE way, clipped onto the clasp.

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