10 Gender Neutral Jewelry Must-Haves for your Jewelry Collection

As a brand that embraces androgynous aesthetics we have been labeled unisex many times.
Yes, we are a brand that is unisex, but more than this we are for everyone regardless of gender.

CEO and Creative Director , George Root speaks:

“I don’t design with gender or sex in mind. It is an artistic process where I am thinking of the bone structure of a body, materials, and what inspires me. Some pieces seem more feminine or more masculine, but it really depends on the person, and I don’t like to necessarily label jewelry for one gender and not others. Sometimes we have to label it for retailers to understand, but anyone can wear MILAMORE, and style it to express themselves.”

MILAMORE is fine jewelry with quality materials made for everyone. Each piece is handcrafted one-by-one and treated like it is an art piece. It is our joy that beautiful humans enjoy this jewelry and combine the art of who they are with the art of MILAMORE.


A beautiful combination 18kt solid yellow gold paper clip chain and 18kt white gold anchor chain featuring a stunning diamond detail located at the clasp. This is a lightweight chain made to layer with other necklaces or wear alone for a classic or edgy look. This chain is adjustable and you can wear it as a lariat or on any loop ring. It is also so versatile you can wrap it around as a bracelet. SHOP NOW


Our Hanabi earrings represent the sparks of the firework as they appear like twinkling stars. The diamond sparks will hug your ear and glisten day or night. They can be worn casually or formally to add a unique look to your collection. Celebrate yourself every day, with what ignites you and lights you up! SHOP NOW


This bracelet says ‘HOPE’ in diamond braille through the gold plate. The Hope Plate and clasp is in solid yellow gold, the “paperclip” chain is in solid white gold.  A timeless design that can be worn for any occasion, this bracelet will whisper you one of the most important keepsakes. SHOP NOW


The Kintsugi Duo Pearl Earring is an elegant and MILAMORE take on the classic pearl earring with 18kt yellow gold Kintsugi features. The top pearl is white Akoya pearl and the back closure pearl is gold or black South Sea pearl. Having a pearl on both sides of the ear lobe creates a unique look from any angle.Like to wear your earrings mismatched? So do we! Style this with another MILAMORE earring or if you want a pair, add two! SHOP NOW


Who said pearls are just for women? These days, pearls for men are all the rage, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Featured here is the Kintsugi Infinity Pearl Necklace Grande.  The Pearls are true Akoya pearls. Seen at the ends you will find a Kintsugi Infinity in white gold and an EN (circle) in yellow gold. You can style in various ways, wearing it as a lariat with charms, or wrapping it around as a double necklace for a more classic look! A gorgeous, classy, and versatile statement piece to add to your collection. SHOP NOW


In Japanese folklore, the Snake signifies rejuvenation, perception, and wisdom. MILAMORE brings these attributes to your life with this Snake Ring.
The Snake Ring wraps around your finger and catches the light beautifully as it’s covered in pavĂ© diamonds. Our design features emerald stones as its eyes, a larger diamond placed in its mouth, baguette diamonds, and a white gold ring that links the snakes’ head and the ring band. SHOP NOW


Feel the words with your fingertips. MILAMORE’s Diamond Braille Puzzle Studs features a nostalgic puzzle cut made modern. Choose your custom initials for each ear. Initials are expressed in Diamond Braille pattern. Subtle, yet powerful, your initial letters will only be known by you. Classic and stylish, these studs will compliment any outfit. SHOP NOW


Inspired by the ancient Japanese repair method of Kintsugi, The Kintsugi Diamond Necklace features a stunning marquise diamond accent, and a gold pendant inspired by the abstract lines the golden lacquer leaves as it binds the fragments, instantly transforming you into the repaired ceramics. 



The Duo Chain IV is a solid 18kt yellow gold mini paper clip chain and rolo chain that is lightweight, classic, and sturdy. MILAMORE believes the mixture of different chains adds dimension! As many of our MILAMORE chains, we have elevated the clasp so you can clip on a charm on for a truly unique look. The MILAMORE monogram sits flatteringly in the intersection of the two contrasting styles of chain. SHOP NOW


Named after the spark of the fireworks celebration of Japan, these studs are perfect for layering, or an individual statement. If you are looking for a timeless piece that can be worn for many years to come, these earrings are for you! SHOP NOW

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