June, The Month of Many Birthstones

June is one of 2 months that has 3 birthstones. Why, you may ask, does June get to have so many choices? The answer is simple, scarcity of the stones! That’s what led June to getting these three exquisite stones as its birthstone: Pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite.


Pearl is the only organic semi-precious gemstone, which comes in many varieties and colors. It is also one of the more popular birthstones for June. Pearls are found in mollusks. Freshwater pearls are found in mollusks that live in freshwater rivers and lakes, while saltwater pearls are found in the ocean. Freshwater pearls tend to be smaller and come in a variety of colors. They can also be dyed. Salt water pearls tend to be larger and come in less variety of colors. Different cultures have thought that pearls have many different meanings. Ancient Chinese culture believed that they were the brain of a dragon while cultures in the Middle East thought they were tears from heaven. They are now associated with purity, humility and innocence.


Organic freshwater pearls expertly dance to meet our signature Duo Chain gauged wire chain. A single pearl can be found where the chain ends. The designer George Root finds that each pearl imitates a flower petal, bringing a unique and special energy to each piece. 


Moonstone is a part of the feldspar family and has beautiful silvery and blue color play when the light hits it. Found across the world, some of the world’s best moonstones can be found in Sri Lanka, as well as the Alps, Myanmar, India, and Madagascar. In ancient Roman times it was also thought that the goddess of the moon, Diana, was enclosed within this June birthstone, and as a result, anyone who wore moonstone would enjoy good health, victory, and wisdom.   

Today moonstone is thought to bring about good fortune to the wearer!

Milamore’s June Birthstone Necklace: Moonstone

a soothing stone revered for the nature in that its hue beautifully transitions in the light. Moonstone is also known as the stone of growth, intuition, and inspiration. MILAMORE’s Birthstone Collection features a one-of-a-kind stone setting meant to highlight the precise cut of your VS class stone. This Birthstone necklace is a classic piece of jewelry to gift or add to your collection!


Alexandrite is the third and final birthstone and has the unique ability to change colors depending on the light. Originally found in 1839 in a Russian emerald mine, it became popular in Russia as the Red and green coloring reflected the Russian national colors. Now mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Brazil as well there are several variations to its coloring. Due to it’s scarcity Alexandrite tends to be one of the more expensive birthstones.

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