Happy PRIDE Month!

PRIDE is a month where we celebrate the many ways we love ourselves and each other. As a queer owned brand we are happy to celebrate PRIDE month by offering made to order, PRIDE Fine Jewelry exclusives for the month of June.

Inspired by the beauty of PRIDE and our LGBTQ+ Community we are offering these limited designs as a wearable reminder. We are grateful for the continual support and creativity of our community of friends. This is for you!

Feel the word ‘PRIDE’ with your fingertips!

MILAMORE’s unique Diamond Braille Jewelry reinvents the wearable words with a subtle yet chic design. People looking may not be able to see the word ‘PRIDE’ but you’ll be able to feel it and know exactly the message. May each time you touch it, you become reminded of your creativity, beauty, courage, and power.

Diamond Braille ‘PRIDE’ Necklace

Our PRIDE necklace takes the wearable word plate necklace to the next level. The plate is solid 18kt yellow gold, and the necklace chain is 18kt white gold. The braille that spells PRIDE is made with authentic conflict free diamonds.


Diamond Braille ‘PRIDE’ Bracelets

These 18kt gold bracelets come in two versions, one with a smaller word plate and one with a larger word plate, depending on your wrist size and how you’d like to style it. The combination of yellow and white gold metal creates a dimension and compliments everyone.


Diamond Braille ‘Pride’ Ring

This traditional style band ring is elevated with diamonds that spell out PRIDE. It can be worn as a unique friendship, self love, engagement, or styling ring. A timeless design for any occasion.


It is an honor to adorn and style so many. We wouldn’t be able to do it without our LGBTQ+ Community.
We see you and we LOVE YOU!


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