Cancer: July’s Intuitive Zodiac Water Sign

Cancer is a water sign which reins from June 21st-July 22nd. Cancer’s are known for their intuition and sensitivity. They are also very nurturing and compassionate. Cancer season is known to be a time to tend to home life and your physical body. Cancer is ruled by the moon which is about self care.
Cancer’s avatar is represented by a crab. The crab is connected to the Greek myth of a crab that pinched Heracles while he fought the Lernaean hydra.
Since Cancer is a water sign that represents home and self care, we recommend taking baths and cold showers this season to soothe from the excess heat. It can even feel good to go to some lakes or beaches which aren’t too crowded to decompress.
It’s an important time to take space to do some things that feel caring. Whether it’s something creative, or something as simple as cleaning up, it can help us feel more at ease. Take time to ask yourself what you need to feel nurtured. If you have a partner it’s a good idea to ask them and talk about it.

MILAMORE creates a Cancer Diamond Zodiac Charm Necklace inspired by the zodiac sign.

This Cancer charm uses elegant lines to depict the zodiac avatar of a crab. A diamond dangles from the crab’s claw signifying the gem of  cancers intuitive reach. This charm features both matte and polished 18-karat yellow gold. The charm is listed as an individual piece or comes as a necklace on our signature 18kt yellow or white gold Azuki Chain. You can wear the charm towards the front of the Azuki chain, or wear it the MILAMORE way, clipped onto the clasp. As a necklace, the piece is completely versatile, as you can wear the Azuki chain alone or pair the zodiac charm with our Duo Chains and wear it as a necklace or bracelet.

MILAMORE also created a Cancer Zodiac Constellation Earring inspired by Cancer’s Zodiac Star constellation.

Our Zodiac Constellation Earrings are available in two versions, one featuring a single diamond accent, one without a diamond accent. Each earring has a 360° design inspired by your Zodiac symbol. This earring highlights the Zodiac water sign Cancer. Use your natal chart to find your astrological sun and moon sign to make a cosmic pair! 

Following Cancer, we are introduced to the next zodiac, Leo. Leo is a fire sign that reigns from July 23rd-August 22nd. Follow us to learn more about Leo next month!

Happy to be in the cosmos with you my friends.


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