Top 5 tips to necklace layering & ring stacking by designer, George Inaki Root

TIP #1:

Asymmetrical jewelry can add organic movement that compliments the body.

When designing George says he doesn’t think about gender, but reflects on the bone structure of the body. The bones are the shapes that we form around. When designing MILAMORE’s Kintsugi Collection he created pieces that would flatter this form, despite all bodies being different

TIP #2:

A ring stack should have two rings which pleasantly rest on top of each other. George designed our Kintsugi rings to stack on top of one another & give a unique look. They come in 4 different variations!

TIP #3:

There should be space between chains or necklaces to give a fashionable layered look.
MILAMORE’s Duo Chain Collection features styles in 45cm, 50cm, and 62cm so that the chains can pleasantly rest one beneath the other.

TIP #4:

Adding different types of necklaces and chains to your neck adds dimension and texture. Try layering a chain, a pendant, and a necklace with whimsy. Additionally, the look of a watch, bangle, and chain bracelet, adds a unique style to the wrist.

George’s Recommendations

TIP #5:

Have Fun! Add elements of your story and style in!
Jewelry is very personal to each of us, and many of times, it expresses important moments. Whether your jewelry is something that reminds you of a message like “HOPE”, your zodiac sign, your interests, friends, family, or lover, there are so many ways we can wear the jewelry and make it our own.

MILAMORE’s diamond braille is meant to remind wearers of important life messages.

MILAMORE’s Charms are a fun way to personalize and add elements of story into a bracelet, necklace, or chain.

Thank you for styling with us!
Feel free to send us pictures of your unique jewelry style!


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