MILAMORE’s Iconic Kintsugi Infinity Hoops

Kintsugi Infinity pieces are designs inspired by the double helix form of DNA and the Mobius strip that represents infinity. They are also inspired by the lucky number 8 in Japan. Each piece is handcrafted to show the unique dimension of Kintsugi lines within the infinity form. These pieces have special movements and designs curated to give you an elevated look from any angle. This style come in 4 variations including the the Akoya Pearl & Diamond variation, which has garnered a lot of attention as of late.

Elegant with delicate Kintsugi details highlighted in diamond, these earrings are show stoppers!


The Glossary: The London Style Guide

Did you know the month of June actually has three birthstones?  Pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite.

Lauren Jauregui for Hypebae Magazine

styled by Raz Martinez & photographed by Baz. Read full article here

These hoops are solid 18kt gold and sold as a pair and retail for $5,600.
Learn more about the Hoops HERE
They also come in smaller and solid gold variations HERE


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