Virgo: The Grounded Earth Sign

August 23rd – September 22 is Virgo Season! Through logic and meticulous resourcefulness Virgos look to help others on a practical level. This is why a Virgo is one of the more grounded signs and a great person to help you to find a solution to an issue or problem you may be having. Governed by Mercury, communication is very important to a Virgo, however instead of focusing on output and expression (like a Gemini), Virgos tend to process a lot, which is where their logic and organization comes into play. If not careful the meticulousness of a Virgo can become to much of a perfectionist, expecting perfection from both themselves and others.

Above are a few famous Virgos.

MILAMORE’s Virgo charm uses elegant lines to depict the free and strong wings of the zodiac avatar. A diamond dangles from the center of the wings signifying the gem of their flight in whatever course they take. This charm features both matte and polished 18-karat yellow gold. This charm is listed as an individual piece, or comes as a necklace on our signature 18kt yellow or white gold Azuki Chain. You can wear the charm towards the front of the Azuki chain, or wear it the MILAMORE way, clipped onto the clasp. As a necklace the piece is completely versatile, as you can wear the Azuki chain alone or pair the zodiac charm with our Duo Chains and wear it as a necklace or bracelet.

Our Virgo Earrings are available in two versions, one featuring a diamond accent, or the other version featuring no diamond accent. Each earring as a 360° design inspired by your Zodiac symbol.

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