Sapphire, The Sparkling Blue Gem of September

Derived from the Latin "saphirus" and the Greek "sapheiros", both of which mean blue, sapphire actually naturally occurs in many different colors. Since ancient times sapphires have been associated with royalty and is believed to attract abundance and blessings. Sapphires are also have been used a a defense against harm & envy. The Rockefeller Sapphire... Continue Reading →

Virgo: The Grounded Earth Sign

August 23rd - September 22 is Virgo Season! Through logic and meticulous resourcefulness Virgos look to help others on a practical level. This is why a Virgo is one of the more grounded signs and a great person to help you to find a solution to an issue or problem you may be having. Governed... Continue Reading →

MILAMORE X Couture Press

Couture is an annual show for fine jewelry where buyers, press, & fine jewelry lovers come from all over the world to see the newest and latest designs in the industry. MILAMORE started attending Couture in 2021 and quickly became an industry favorite! It is quite an amazing experience to go to Couture, witness other... Continue Reading →

MILAMORE’s Iconic Kintsugi Infinity Hoops

Kintsugi Infinity pieces are designs inspired by the double helix form of DNA and the Mobius strip that represents infinity. They are also inspired by the lucky number 8 in Japan. Each piece is handcrafted to show the unique dimension of Kintsugi lines within the infinity form. These pieces have special movements and designs curated... Continue Reading →

Peridot, August’s Stone of Harmony

August’s birthstone is Peridot which is known for its bright and vibrant green color and was favored especially in the Edwardian Era. This exquisite stone has been highly popular with British royalty for many decades. King Edward VII favored this sparkling stone as his favorite gemstone. Tis Peridot tiara, pictured above, was originally crafted in... Continue Reading →

LEO: August’s Fierce Zodiac Sign

Leo is a fire sign which reins from July 23rd-August 22nd. The sun is strongest in the northeastern hemisphere at this time, and Leo Season has been a time suggested for taking chances, engaging in play, and radiating confidence. Leo's are known for their fierce energy, and a passion and love for live life and... Continue Reading →

Craftmanship Defined: The History of MILAMORE

The first atelier opened its doors as a watchmaking shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa district during the 1920s and then evolved into a jewelry-making atelier after World War I. - The history of MILAMORE's Craftmanship- The rich culture and heritage of Japan is MILAMORE’s biggest source of inspiration. MILAMORE blends the ancient Japanese art of jewelry... Continue Reading →

Ruby : The Stone of Wealth & Prosperity

Known for its deep red color Ruby is the July Birthstone. It is believed to inspire its wearer to be confident and take on every challenge life throws their way. Additionally ruby is said to promote positive dreams and decrease anxiety.  Rubies and sapphire are actually the same stone, with Ruby being the only color... Continue Reading →

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