Peridot, August’s Stone of Harmony

August’s birthstone is Peridot which is known for its bright and vibrant green color and was favored especially in the Edwardian Era. This exquisite stone has been highly popular with British royalty for many decades. King Edward VII favored this sparkling stone as his favorite gemstone. Tis Peridot tiara, pictured above, was originally crafted in... Continue Reading →

Tanzanite: The Stone of Balance

Tanzanite, while being a relatively new stone to the scene, has quickly shot into the 76  December’s birthstone, tanzanite, is a rare stone that excited the gem world. It’s one of the world’s best modern discoveries. Known only in 5 square miles on the planet, they are rarer than diamonds and only recently found in... Continue Reading →

Sagittarius: The Intellectual Fire Sign

In astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period from about November 22 to about December 21. The element for Sagittarius is fire and the symbol is a centaur with a crossbow, and is sometimes referred to as the "archer sign". Sagittarius’ make up around 0.073 % of the... Continue Reading →

Hanabi: The meaning behind the celebration

MILAMORE's newest collection is based on the Japanese fireworks tradition of Hanabi. In Japanese, "Hana" means "flower" and  "bi"  means "fire", so "Hanabi" roughly translates to  "fire flowers" which is an apt description of the magnificent shows that are put on during the months of July and August. The tradition hails back to 1700s when fireworks were... Continue Reading →


MILAMORE refuses to acknowledge boundaries- whether they be gender, geographical or cultural. We live in a world where our differences should be celebrated. After all, perception tends to be ambiguous anyway. Model: Erin MommsenMakeup: Topolino Our first campaign was shot by Bettina Rheims. Working since the early 1980s, Bettina Rheims is known for her unique... Continue Reading →

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